A quick weekend in Stockholm

I’ve been curious to explore the Nordic countries for a while now. Between Oslo and Stockholm I decided to make a quick trip to the wonderful Stockholm. From London it’s quick flight away. Although it is currently winter and not exactly shorts and flip flop weather in Sweden right now I had a fantastic time.



On my first day I decided to start exploring Stockholm in the lovely Gamla Stan district which is one of the largest and best preserved medieval cities in Europe according to VisitStockholm. “Gamla Stan” literally translate to “old town.” Stockholm was founded there way back in 1252. While visiting Gamla Stan I observed the beautiful preserved buildings, walked past the Nobel museum and Stockholm cathedral. After enjoying the sights I decided to head to the the Royal Palace. By chance I happened to be there while the changing of the guards was taking place so that was a great experience to see while visiting Gamla Stan.

As I have a large interest in history on my 2nd day in Stockholm I decided to go to the island of Djurgården  and go check out some of the well-known museums. I started off by going to the Vasamuseet which is a museum honoring the Swedish war ship vasa which was built between 1626 and 1628. The ship only made it out 1,300 meters before sinking. In the 50s the ship was located and years later turned into a museum.  Afterwards I decided to check out the Nordiska Museum which was very enjoyable. Skansen is an outdoor museum and zoo nearby. I decided to go on my next trip in the summer when it would be nice to enjoy the weather.



Stockholm is a beautiful city. Even though I didn’t get to see that much, I know know that I will definitely be back! Make sure to experience a fika and eat a swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon roll) while in town!