Living in Istanbul


There is a huge demand for apartments in Istanbul owing to Population shift. Around fifty percent of the population is young and below 30 years. This means that Turkey has a large working population that translates to spiked economic growth. Istanbul is a place with the right mix of old and new which draws the people to own apartments. Turkey also has one of the fastest growing populations that will lead to shortages in apartments. Istanbul acts as a bridge between two continents Asia and Europe. For ages it has been the missing link between the East and the West. So the population of Istanbul is a mix of Asia and Europe. Istanbul also has a rich cultural heritage. It has blend of Greek, Roman as well as Ottoman empires. So you can find architecture with a blend of Eastern and Western style. One can see a few remaining Roman architecture signs like the Hippodrome, Basilicas cistern and the Column of Constantine. However the most impressive structures are the Hagia Sophia which was once the largest Cathedral and later turned into a Mosque by the Ottomans. Now it is a Museum and UNESCO world heritage site. The Blue Suleiman Mosque is one of the most impressive structures in the City.

Istanbul from water

Istanbul: A Panoramic view

However the tastes of people in Asia and Europe are similar when it comes to Apartments. There is a wide choice for housing here ranging from Simple Apartments to Villas. Many other kinds of luxury apartments are available all over Istanbul. It includes luxury apartments with swimming Pools indoor and outdoor, Club with Sauna and Billiards and Pool. Also Tennis courts, basket ball courts and Table Tennis is there for pastime. Maslak is one of the most sought after areas for buying apartments. Its proximity to Airport, Shopping Mall, Metro and the breathtaking Bosphorous makes it the place to live. Good health and education facilities in the area add to the aura. Another location is Esenyurt in Istanbul which is one of the green areas which are much sought after. Proximity to the Sea as well the Lake makes it for real serene living. Apartments are with all amenities, secure and nice place to relax after a good day at work. For families Belikduzu is the location. Variety of apartments are available ranging from 2 Bedroom to 4 Bedroom to accommodate nuclear as well as Large Families.

If you are looking for a happening place to buy property and retire in bliss Istanbul is the place.


Exploring Urban Dublin

I wanted to touch on another great option for urban exploration that is the city of Dublin with some great abandoned areas and sites to visit. I thought of some of the other large cities in and outside the UK and London, Glasgow, and others all have their charm in the ruins of the old world and new coming together. However Dublin can be quite an interesting place, with such a rich history of architecture and politics. There’s a great site with some visited areas for those urban explorers looking for some new places to look into. If you look into the Pigeon House story on the site they give you some great tips on how to conquer that space. It makes me want to take out a quick loan with and take 2 weeks to do a serious road trip around Ireland and especially tackle some of the spots that other urban explorers have raved about online.

exploring ireland can be a journey into history

There’s even a facebook group with some abandoned buildings as some options to go visit while in Dublin. You can find them here: URBEX Ireland. All in all there’s a lot of historical options in Dublin and the surrounding area, you can take some time and certainly explore the city inside and out. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

Cheers and happy exploring!

Venture out..

Now many people would think to really get the best out of Urban Exploration you need a big city like London, but that’s simply not true. While London, due to it’s huge expansion has opened up many spaces that were previosly inacessable or known, including sewers and tube stations, smaller cities have their own wealth of places ripe for finding. You don’t need to travel to far to explore your surroundings, the whole idea of urban exploration is the ability to explore your own surroundings, and get a better understanding and respect for what makes up the place you live.

urban exploration is possible in any city

Take Glasgow, theres been a huge amount of interest in Glasgow in the last 5years, expansion with events such as the Commonwealth Games has seen urban renewal, and with that a growth in urban exploration. Websites like Abandoned Scotland give you a great starting point for tips and help in Glasgow. Through them you can get suggestions for walks with your friends, or join in with others on a group eploration.Of course there are lots of forums on line in the UK covering all sorts of places, so if you dont know what’s in your local area, get online and have a look.

Berlin, a great introduction

Teufelsberg, a must for urban exploration

Recently I spent a long weekend in Berlin a city that, due to its unique history, for a long time was a mecca for squatters and urban explorers alike. Obviously the war caused a lot of chaos in Berlin, abandoned buildings, air raid and anti-aircraft towers, numerous bunkers – but what makes this still relevant is that the wall which then divided the city, slowed down a lot of re-building and created vast pockets of unusable land. Even though its now 25years since the wall came down and Berlin is now a modern cosmopolitan city, there are still many empty gaps.

For a novice urban explorer this is a great city to cut your teeth, so to speak! There are lots of  underground guided tours, like this excellent one of  a World War 2 flak tower, to give you a feel for the conditions of exploration in a controlled environment, and an understanding of the equipment needed. I loved this tour of Berlin Templehof, the vast former airport (once on of the 20 biggest buildings in the world) that played a huge role in the war and keeping West Berlin going through the Berlin blockade, and is now a public area – the tour takes you through some of the tunnels that were used for ammunition storage, and the secret film bunker, but really its seeing from inside the vastness of the space that was exciting.

Once you’ve experienced exploration, the next natural calling point is Teufelsberg Hil – the former home of American cold war spying. this crumbling listening station in Grunewald is a great place to spend an afternoon clambering about and wondering what passed through the now graffitied walls. Supposedly locked off, this is regularly and easily accessed, and a safe place to start unguided.

My advice – get to Berlin , it won’t stay like this for too much longer.