Exotic Norway

Beautiful Norway

Beautiful Norway


One of the beautiful place on our planet, Norway has great landscapes. Natural wonders and marvelous cities make the country a must visit.There are certain reasons why it is regarded as the greatest place on the planet.Here are a few I discovered:

  • Safe and sound – Norway cities and countryside have the lowest crime rates in the world. Murder is almost non-existent. Even the family life is among the best in the world.
  • Great to travel – If you are a person who likes to travel and explore, Norway is the place for you.You can hike and put a tent anywhere, without restrictions. You can just explore the great landscape.
  • City is Green – If you go to Oslo the capital, you will feel like you are in the countryside. All facilities with greenery protection, it is an exception among big cities. I am about to go there and will talk about it sometime.
  • Midnight Sun – Known as the land of the midnight sun, you can watch this natural marvel and believe me you will be stunned.Near to Arctic circle you can explore the extreme weather.
  • Skiing is in the blood – Skiing is the sport which has been born in Norway. Actually ski is an old Nordic word meaning a pair of split wood planks.
  • Northern Lights – The amazing lights in night which are a great natural phenomenon will take your breath away. Just watch and soak in the beauty of nature you will find nowhere in the world. It is still a mystery for science.

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