Things to See in Scotland

melrose abbey

The good part about traveling throughout the UK is that everything is pretty much in close proximity and you won’t have to travel very far to see places that are truly worlds apart. Take Scotland as a great example. The Scottish have always prided themselves very separate from the English, and they take this seriously with nearly everything in their culture. Not only the people, of course, but their landscape is also very different. You can find a lot to see in Scotland, if you’re so inclined.

One of the coolest places in all of Scotland, in my opinion, is Melrose Abbey. England has some great castles, but I’m not sure any are this old. This castle was built in 1136 and has been the home of many Scottish kings. Amazingly, most of this castle is still in tact and you can see exactly how it looked almost 1000 years ago.

Stirling Castle, on the highlands, is also another great treat for the senses. It was built in the 16th century way atop Castle Hill to act as a stronghold against invaders. To this day, it is one of the most pristine examples of an old castle in the world. Scotland has many great sights to see, and anyone might love a visit.


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