Exploring Urban Dublin

I wanted to touch on another great option for urban exploration that is the city of Dublin with some great abandoned areas and sites to visit. I thought of some of the other large cities in and outside the UK and London, Glasgow, and others all have their charm in the ruins of the old world and new coming together. However Dublin can be quite an interesting place, with such a rich history of architecture and politics. There’s a great site with some visited areas for those urban explorers looking for some new places to look into. If you look into the Pigeon House story on the site they give you some great tips on how to conquer that space. It makes me want to take out a quick loan with ferratum.co.uk and take 2 weeks to do a serious road trip around Ireland and especially tackle some of the spots that other urban explorers have raved about online.

exploring ireland can be a journey into history

There’s even a facebook group with some abandoned buildings as some options to go visit while in Dublin. You can find them here: URBEX Ireland. All in all there’s a lot of historical options in Dublin and the surrounding area, you can take some time and certainly explore the city inside and out. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

Cheers and happy exploring!


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