Venture out..

Now many people would think to really get the best out of Urban Exploration you need a big city like London, but that’s simply not true. While London, due to it’s huge expansion has opened up many spaces that were previosly inacessable or known, including sewers and tube stations, smaller cities have their own wealth of places ripe for finding. You don’t need to travel to far to explore your surroundings, the whole idea of urban exploration is the ability to explore your own surroundings, and get a better understanding and respect for what makes up the place you live.

urban exploration is possible in any city

Take Glasgow, theres been a huge amount of interest in Glasgow in the last 5years, expansion with events such as the Commonwealth Games has seen urban renewal, and with that a growth in urban exploration. Websites like Abandoned Scotland give you a great starting point for tips and help in Glasgow. Through them you can get suggestions for walks with your friends, or join in with others on a group eploration.Of course there are lots of forums on line in the UK covering all sorts of places, so if you dont know what’s in your local area, get online and have a look.


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